Visual Learners


If you think most teachers' lectures sound like Charlie Brown teacher-speak, you are not alone. 


About 50% of our students, (the majority), have a much easier time understanding concepts when they can see and manipulate them themselves, rather than having to process spoken or written communication. 


There is nothing wrong with this. 

Our eyesight evolved for a reason, namely to absorb a great deal of information quickly, especially when it was needed to spot dangers on the African plains, or find the roots and berries that would keep us alive.

Science is built on "trust, but verify", and needing to see something for yourself not only allows you to take advantage of your brain's innate ability to absorb vast amounts of information very quickly through visual stimuli, ("a picture is worth a thousand words..."),

Visual.jpg often offers a more flexible and creative way of examining the material, allowing you to take the reigns, while still remaining confident in your answers. 


Take advantage of that natural talent, and make sure you can "see" what you are doing.