Terms of Service

1.  Services.

A.  Classes.

   i.  Classes entail access to weekly seminars, typically lasting 90-120 minutes, including at least one hour of lecture and Q&A afterwards.  Topics will be chosen based on most efficient use of time, incorporating at least one topic from each student while maximizing overlap.

   ii.  Each student will be assigned an accountability coach.  This coach will meet and get to know each individual upon beginning the program, and will ultimately be that student's primary point of contact with the tutors, as well as facilitator, homework parent (if needed), and general cheerleader.  Assigned academic coach will touch base with student each week before the seminar to gain homework status, collect questions, and communicate that student's needs for the seminar to the tutor.  Coach will then follow up with student throughout the week via text and Facebook group to ensure all questions are answered and homework is completed.

   iii.  Each student will be given access to private Facebook group for his or her class.  This forum will provide additional support from classmates, tutors, and accountability coaches to discuss confusion and ensure any remaining questions are answered.    

   iv.  Tutors will be in constant contact with accountability coaches, as well as monitoring Facebook groups to ensure all questions are answered.  They are also available for one-on-one diagnostic calls if needed. 

B.  One-On-One Tutoring. 

Tutoring can be scheduled according to need.  All classes and learning styles are available; emphasis is placed on student specifics. 

Different rates are available according to number of hours needed per week.  All tutoring packages include accountability coach and Facebook group for that subject. 

See Payment section for details.


2.  Payment.

A.  Classes.

   i. Standard subscription for classes, whether visual or analytical, is $250/month.

Card will be run at time of purchase, and again on a recurring basis as specified in contract.  Class students will be charged monthly on original day of purchase.

   ii.  Refunds are not provided for missed seminars or meetings for class students, although every effort will be made to accommodate students' needs, provided additional classes are available and sufficient notice is given.  Additional help is also available via the accountability coaches and Facebook group.

  iii.  Cancellation of subscription is valid as of end of month in which cancellation was requested.  No further charges will be made. 

B.  One-On-One Tutoring.

   i.  One-on-one tutoring students will be charged weekly, a priori. 

Rates include accountability coach and Facebook group, and are as follows: 

     $150/hour for first hour per week. 

     $125/hour for second hour per week.

     $120/hour for third hour per week.

     $115/hour for fourth hour per week.

     $110/hour thereafter.

   ii.  Refunds will be given upon request for individual tutoring sessions, provided refund is requested more than 24 hours in advance of scheduled session.  Refund rate is based on full refund of that session according to tier. 

   iii.  If additional hours are needed, every effort will be made to accommodate students' schedules, with any additional hours charged individually at tiered rates based on total hours charged (recurring and/or individually) for that week. 

C.  Payment Methods

Subscriptions are charged via Moonclerk through Stripe; individual payments are processed through Stripe. 

We do not hold or maintain individual credit card information.  All payment information is stored via Moonclerk and Stripe.  If you have any issue or concern with payments for our services, please let us know and we will do our best to ensure it is corrected, subject to these policies.  



We strive to provide you the very best customer service we can and look forward to helping you overcome your obstacles in math and science.