Our Team

Academic Coaches



Ellen March, (CEO, Owner)

Specializing in mathematical theory, Ellen has excelled in math and science since she can remember and loves sharing that passion.  She has taught in some form or fashion for over 20 years, whether working as both private and math lab tutor in college, teaching formal physics classes in grad school, or tutoring full time for the past three years with almost nothing but 5-star reviews. 

She also spent 6 years training astronauts and engineers at NASA as ISS Contract Consumables Lead, published research in the Journal of Algebra for the National Science Foundation, and finally went on to consult as an actuary for KPMG in order to develop business experience to start SATisfACTion.  Her primary goal is to address the pervasive need for students to have fun, engaging, and supportive assistance in math, science and college prep.

"Our focus is your success."



Dr. Paul Bailey

Dr. Paul holds a PhD in Experimental Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and in addition to a long and storied career at NASA, including engineering portable life support, researching thermionics, and furthering advanced propulsion, he has also taught physics as an adjunct professor at San Jacinto College and University of Houston - Clear Lake.  He has won multiple Excellence in Teaching Awards due to his down-to-earth style and obvious concern for his students.  

He is also an avid thermo-chemist and gun collector when he finds time, (sharing most physicists' tendency to like things that go boom). 

"It was then and continues to be my passion to turn the light of understanding on for students."  




Lynne A. McCarthy (Consulting)

Lynne specializes in GT education, languague arts, and social studies, having taught at Friendswood ISD for 27 years with multiple secondary certifications for grades 6-12, and awarded their very first Teacher of the Year award in 2004.  (Citing George Washington, she removed herself from the ballot the following year, in favor of others having a chance to be honored.)

With a BS and Master's degree in Education from North Texas State's Meadows Excellence in Teaching Program, (now UTN), she utilizes extensive training with a broad perspective, (including time at Oxford), as well as  a myriad of dynamic teaching techniques to zero in on each student's special needs and foster an exciting and respectful environment for all involved.  

She loves board games, military history, Harry Potter and other sci-fi/fantasy stories, and kept a brick named Bob as her class mascot for years.  (At this point, Bob the Brick is currently married, with many, many bricklets, and he has been all over the world).

"Learn something new every day.  If I don't ask you to do something hard, I'm not doing my job."





Chris Matty

Chris has worked at Johnson Space Center for years as an aerospace engineer, specifically in hardware and life support of the International Space Station and Orion programs. Last year he was selected for NASA Human Exploration Research Analog 10, where he and three other crew members spent 30 days locked in a full simulation of what it would be like to travel to Geographos, a nearby asteroid that might offer insights into longer-range space travel.

After working with Ellen for years, he has kindly agreed to lend his talent in the form of all sorts of interesting space and engineering demonstrations for this program, stemming from his history as a passionate enthusiast of all things science, especially gadgets. You name it, Chris has probably built it.

When he is not building cool stuff he also does outreach work for students at Space Center Houston, near Johnson Space Center. He is married with two children.

Accountability Coaches



Caitlin Walley

Caitlin is currently attending University of Houston for a BS in supply chain management, and eventually wants a Master's in supply chain management  and business law.  She excels at efficiency, organization, and telling people like it is, but would also give you the shirt off her her back if you truly needed it.  We can't think of better qualities for an accountability coach.

Serendipitously, she also has extensive background in education, teaching dance, gymnastics, and even substituting as a math teacher for her local high school in her spare time.  She is relatively new to SATisfACTion, but she already brings an increased level of enthusiasm and verve to our organization, and we look forward to seeing her role develop.  She will currently be doing the bulk of individual interactions with students.

She loves dogs. 


Sahar Choudhry

Sahar is currently a pre-med student majoring in biology at Baylor University, where she is studying to ultimately become a surgeon.  In addition to being office manager for SATisfACTion for the last two years, she interns for a surgeon here in the Houston area when she is home for the summers, and is a member of Pi Beta Phi.

She has been instrumental in the growth and development of SATisfACTion, and has just the organizational skills and work ethic needed for an excellent accountability coach, having almost singlehandedly kept the day-to-day operations of our organization running smoothly through many an adventure.  We are excited to retain her down-to-earth humor and expertise as she continues to juggle her many commitments.

She loves reading autobiographies and watching TedTalks (when she can find the time).

Executive Assistant


Jeana Stearns

A Navy veteran, Jeana applies steadfastness, conviction, and discipline to everything she does.  The longest running member (aside from Ellen) of the SATisfACTion team, she can always be counted on to handle almost any situation with class and grace.  She handles much of the 9-5 admin work, as well as supports when needed with other tasks.

She and her husband have three children, Dorothee, Dmitri, and Daria, and she is also aiming to graduate in June with a BS in small business management.  In her spare time she sells educational materials for preschoolers and early education for home-schooling groups.

She loves reading anything, especially sci-fi/fantasy.  She also loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Ren Faire, camping, and the Minnesota Vikings.

SATisfACTion Interns


Kristina Gomez Final.jpg
Mikala Smith Final.jpg

With a commitment to providing opportunities to students as well as teaching them, we often offer certain high-perfoming students the chance to assist us with day-to-day operations.  Sahar and Caitlin also began as former students, and currently Chaela, Kristina, and Mikala are working under  Sahar to extend our ability to provide great customer service. 

It is our great priviledge to help students gain both academic and practical work experience, including management roles, as we believe that potential is best utilized wherever it is found.  Benefits include standard wages, scholarships, discounted and free tutoring, and immediate inclusion to the SATisfACTion family, (where we take care of our own, as well as our students). 

We would not be able to achieve the things we do without the help of these talented individuals.

We are growing rapidly.  If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to satisfaction@satcollegeprep.com

If you are kind, honest, and have a passion for learning, we will do our best to help further your goals.