Standard Subscription

Price:  $250USD/month




Accountability Coach

As soon as you sign up for our program, you will be given a link to set up a meeting with your assigned accountability coach, who will be your primary point of contact and supporter as you make strides towards your goals.  He or she will be spending at least an hour a week with you, getting to know you and your needs and facilitating communication between you and the tutors.  She will then continue to follow up with you via text or Facebook throughout the week, ensuring that your questions have been answered and your needs have been met.


Weekly Seminars

Following your meeting with your accountability coach, he or she will collect your questions and homework assignments, as well as that of other students, and compile them for the tutors to present a comprehensive seminar covering as many of that week's questions as possible.  Lectures will be presented via Zoom, with the potential to share screens, interactive whiteboards, etc.  (Please download Zoom app prior to initial meeting with accountability coach.)  Emphasis will be placed on clear, comprehensive of explanations about why things work they way they do, based on specified learning style, rather than simply memorizing formulas.

We strongly believe true understanding is the best way to gain confidence, and that gaining that understanding is usally a lot easier than it seems.  We will provide an easy-to-understand road map of how you can understand these ideas as well.


Facebook Group

Following the seminars, your accountability coach will continue to follow up with you to ensure all questions have been answered.  If you or other students have remaining questions, tutors will be available via the private Facebook group for your class to continue explanations until you truly understand.  You will also be able to discuss questions and other topics with other students and accountability coaches from your class.