FULL-RIDE  Merit-Based Scholarships*

...And Many More...

Hundreds of major top-ranked universities around the country offer full and partial scholarships for students who demonstrate outstanding ability on the SAT/ACT.  Some require additional essays and class rankings, but many do not. 

Baylor University in Waco, Texas, automatically grants up to $45,000+ per year for four years, for a total of over $180,000, just based on test scores alone.

The Stamps Foundation provides full and partial scholarships plus generous stipends at colleges across the country, including Caltech, University of Chicago, and University of Notre Dame.


Many people are discouraged at the thought of applying for these types of merit-based scholarships, believing their odds to be too small, their grades too low, the tests involved too hard.


This is simply not true.


We help students all the time improve by at least 400-500 points on the SAT, 6-8 points on ACT, by far more than any other guarantee on the market, qualifying each student for tens (if not hundreds) of thousands in additional scholarships. 

Our process is simple.  Expert educators, all masters in both teaching and their respective fields, each drill down into the student's unique educational needs and fill in any gaps they've picked up along the way, focusing on enjoyment, engagement, content mastery, stamina, and confidence... 

...until the student suddenly finds themselves mastering the exam.


There is nothing on the SAT/ACT that you are not capable of learning, and most of it you've learned already.  The biggest hurdle we see students struggle with is typically learning to synthesize together many of the individual topics they've already learned in order to solve more complex problems, and building stamina for the test. 

College entrance exams are largely just practice, like any sport or performance art.  You just need a coach to point you in the right direction.

Let us help you master these exams once and for all, and qualify for the scholarships you deserve.



*Scholarships are granted at the discretion of their respective universities and are subject to change.  Please call us or check with your desired university to see what scholarships are available for your student.