1st Annual SATisfACTion Holiday Scholars Fund!!

2017:  Texans Helping Texans

In the wake of Harvey and in this holiday season, we would like to find students who are in need of support in math and science but who might also be struggling financially.

We need your help.

2017 Holiday Scholars Fund Drive:  Dec. 11 - Dec. 24, 2017.

80% Funds Received - Scholarship Fund for high school and early college students.

20% Funds Received - Educational toys for younger children through Toys for Tots.

100% of Funds Received - Matched by SATisfACTion College Prep via Scholarships.

2017 Essay Topic (800 Words): 

"Texans Helping Texans:  How I helped my neighbors during Hurricane Harvey."  

August was an aspiring surgeon who couldn't get past math.  She loved medicine, took all the biology she could, worked as a paramedic; the only thing holding her back was college algebra.  She was starting to despair at ever getting past her associate's degree, much less getting into her chosen med school.  After 6 months in our program, she found that she not only actually enjoyed math, (once she finally figured out what was really going on), she liked it so much she decided to major in it, setting her far ahead from her fellow candidates.

Sahar also hated math.  We bumped up her ACT score from a 22 to a 27, and her SAT score up 400 points.  She credits us for getting her into Baylor.

Kristina was a shy student under a lot of pressure.  She had become so introverted that she couldn't study effectively or perform in class.  We invited her to spend a free hour with us every session, three hours a week, where she could loosen up and not have to worry about the pressures of school, homework, or pleasing her parents.  The second hour each session we could actually get down to business, calm, relaxed, and happy.  She went from failing to making 95 on tests, and now even works for us as a part of our team.

These are just three of the hundreds of similar stories we have facilitated and witnessed.  Our method works, but we are limited to the number of students we can help by time and money, if not by desire or care.

In the wake of Harvey and in this holiday season, we would like to find students who are just as in need of such support but who might not be able to pay, and do our part to collect funds to continue our efforts to help them as well. 

80% of all funds received will go towards a scholarship fund to sponsor deserving high school or early college students; 20% will go towards educational toys for younger children through Toys for Tots.  Students will be selected based on essay contest; this year's topic will be "How I helped my neighbors during Hurricane Harvey."  For people outside areas affected by Harvey, an alternative topic might be to describe any non-required community service or project they have completed this year.  Essay rules and requirements can be found at www.satcollegeprep.com/essay.  Reviews and testimonials of our program can be found at www.satcollegeprep.com/results.  

Winning essays and total amounts donated will be posted.

It is our goal to continue this tradition for many years to come, but we need your help to make it happen.  $3000 normally covers one student for one year; we are lowering this to $1500 per sponsored student, which including toy donations is less than cost.  Our goal is to sponsor at least 10 students this year, with room to grow with additional funds, but final number of scholarships awarded depends on funds received.  Total donations received and scholarships awarded will be announced on this website Dec. 25, 2017.

If you know a deserving student who would benefit from our program, please send him or her to www.satcollegeprep.com/essay.  If you have the means, and love our students and math and science in general, please consider donating via YouCaring or this website, Dec. 11 - Dec. 24, 2017.  More information will follow when our Holiday Scholars Fund Drive begins.

Thank you, and happy holidays from all of us at SATisfACTion College Prep!