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"Highly recommended"

For years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with all things science because of how challenging it can be.  Fortunately, I found Ellen. She tutored me in physics, chemistry and a variety of math classes. She helped develop my confidence and critical thinking skills, including my ability to think beyond the box. Ellen is knowledgeable, patient, kind and most importantly, she catered to my particular learning style. I highly recommend her brain and expertise! 

- August League City, TX on 11/10/2017

"Can bring the subject out of the clouds down to the students understanding level"

Paul tutored us in junior high school physics. My son was struggling due to classroom instruction methods. Paul's first visit turned my sons confidence around and he ended with an A for the second semester.

- Kristen Seabrook, TX on 6/1/2017

"Awesome Tutor"

My daughter was struggling in Geometry. She was almost at the end of the 4th Qtr and was failing. We found Ellen and she was fantastic. She explained Geometry to my daughter in a way she could understand. She made a 90 on her last quiz! Needless to say if we had found Ellen sooner I'm confident she would have an A for the semester. We just finished the year and waiting for the final grade. I'm confident my daughter will pass. We are looking forward to seeing Ellen again in the fall.

- Paula League City, TX on 5/26/2017


Paul has been so very helpful tutoring my son in physics. He was patient and ensured he provided detail explanations when tutoring. We really appreciated his timely responses, communications and flexibility with scheduling!

- Leticia League City, TX on 5/21/2017

"Excellent tutor"

Paul has been tutoring my daughter for over 2 months now. We really wish that we would have hired him earlier. He is very patient and very clear with his instructions. Physics is looking like fun after months of gruesome struggling with class teacher. Glad to have found him. Definitely a keeper for all my daughter's physics classes!

- Victoria League City, TX on 4/10/2017

"Patient tutor with excellent communication skills."

My daughter is a freshman engineering student at Texas A &M and was struggling in Calculus and met with Ellen over spring break for tutoring in Calculus and Matlab, a programming language. My daughter who is very shy and reluctant to ask questions in class found Ellen to be patient and able to help her understand how to solve complex problems in both subjects. She had a Calculus test last week and she received an A on her test, a first for the year. Her confidence level has sky rocketed and I am so grateful that we found Ellen. I would highly recommend Ellen. She responded quite quickly to my inquiries , especially compared to other tutors I reached out to. Thank you Ellen!

- Leslie Seabrook, TX on 3/29/2017

"My son really enjoys his lessons and is excited about his retest."

Ellen is great and very professional! Along with the great lessons, it's also given him the confidence he will need to move forward, thanks so much. Would highly recommend anyone needing professional tutoring.

- James Webster, TX on 3/17/2017

"Wonderful tutor"

Paul is a wonderful tutor. He is everything he represented himself to be. He is knowledgeable in the subject matter and effective at teaching the material while also giving the student confidence in their ability to master the material.

- Jane Braintree, MA on 1/10/2017

"Dude is awesome"

Paul provides very practical and comprehensible explanations of complicated subject matter. He is also very encouraging and will never give up on his students.

- Xeno Houston, TX on 12/7/2016

"Knowledgeable and very patient"

Ellen was terrific in working with our son and trying different approaches so he could better understand or make sense of pre cal. She could see that he has been struggling and has asked to be in touch with his school's math teacher so that they might be able to work on a plan together to help our son feel more confidant in building a foundation for this course. She is very patient and open to thoughts and suggestions.

- Kathy Friendswood, TX on 11/7/2016

"Assisted and Reassured"

We didn't have a long visit. She assisted him and mostly reassured him that he was on right track. He was able to do the work with her being there.

 - Lisa Pasadena, TX on 10/21/2016

"Aced my test!"

I let my calculus homework pile up due to not understanding the basics of the chapter. I had a test right around the corner and things still hadn't "clicked" for me. I reached out to Ellen to help me with my homework and prepare for my test. Going into my first hour of tutoring my confidence level was very low. By the time of the test I was confident and prepared. Not only did I pass the test, but I made a fabulous grade. I'm looking forward to more tutoring sessions. Thanks, Ellen!

 - Andrea Houston, TX on 10/6/2016

"Great tutor!"

[Paul] can break down a really hard subject into simple pieces, and walk you thru the steps till you get it.

- Amber Houston, TX on 9/19/2016

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor. (Also wise in the ways of the force.)"

Ellen helped me review and practice kinematics. I liked that she really knows what she's talking about and encourages you to speak up when something is confusing so she can better explain it. Ellen prepared me to retake a quiz that I had previously failed (I went from a 67 on the first quiz to a 91 on the retake).

- Mike and Harrison Houston, TX on 9/15/2016

"Knowledgeable and patient tutor."

Ellen has an exceptional grasp of math in general and explains it very well. I only wish I had received help from her years ago.

- Renwick Houston, TX on 6/17/2016

"Outstanding tutor"

I have one pleased 11th grader... I stayed while they reviewed for his final; it was outstanding. She has the experience and the personality for the one on one instruction. If he needs her again next year she will be the first called.

- Robert League City, TX on 6/5/2016

"Great tutor!"

She was able to find out what my girls needed to learn and formulate a strategy to help them learn. Some tutors simply ask the kids what do you need help with? Often the kids don't really know what they need help with. They need an experienced teacher or tutor who can look at their work and figure out what hey know, what need to know and help them to learn. Ellen definitely knows how to help. My girls grades really have improved !

- Rosalyn Baytown, TX on 5/21/2016

"Highly recommended"

Ellen has not only helped my child with the week-to-week homework and test prep, but she has increased his Math confidence by ensuring he has a better grasp of the concepts involved. An overall great experience.

- Carole Houston, TX on 5/20/2016

"Wonderful Tutor!"

Ellen is very professional and knowledgeable. My daughter was really struggling in her second semester pre-cal class. She had a hard time understanding her teacher at school. Ellen can explain the material step by step in a way my daughter can understand. My daughter just made a 90 on a major test after not doing so well on most major tests this semester. I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone who needs a private tutor.

- Sarah League City, TX on 4/30/2016

"Amazing tutor!"

Ellen is like a magician. She can get my 17 year old excited about Math. She is always timely and she has a very flexible schedule.

- Christina Houston, TX on 3/17/2016

"Great teacher"

Once again a great lesson, after doing poorly on my first test a 68 I made a 93 on my second. I have one more and then my final, thanks to Ellen I am facing these with full confidence in the work I am doing. I look forward to continuing to work with Ellen as I continue with school.

- Kristin League City, TX on 2/25/2016

"Knowledgeable /patient tutor"

Ellen was very patient with my son and my son has ADD so he has difficult time paying attention so it takes a real patient person to work with my child! I would recommend Ellen to anyone! She was very knowledgeable in his grade level studies and I look forward to working with her again!!

- Jennifer Seabrook, TX on 1/28/2016

"Helped my daughter prepare for a test"

Ellen helped my daughter prepare for a test. Most important, Ellen was able to get her in at the last minute. We will probably start going on a regular basis now, and not wait. Thanks Ellen!

- Victoria Seabrook, TX on 11/24/2015

"Supportive and Spot On"

My daughter just started coming to Ellen for some AP Physics help - her high school teacher is less than impressive. I wanted my daughter to not only pass her physics class (which she easily can without a tutor), but to really understand and hopefully even enjoy it as she has her sights set on engineering degree. After 2 sessions (the first Ellen didn't charge because Ellen wasn't satisfied in that session), my daughter is feeling much better about herself and her abilities, so off to a great start with Ellen. There really is nothing like a one on one coach experience!

- Jeff Houston, TX on 11/20/2015

"Great Tutor!"

Clearly very smart and good at learning the level you need to be taught at. Booking more sessions for sure.

- Jon Pearland, TX on 11/12/2015

"Motivational tutor!"

Our daughter has enjoyed working with Ms. Ellen so much thanks me everyday for finding her. She has helped our 16 year old daughter ,Mikala, by bringing her grade up 3 points in AP Physics & Algebra II! She has very a professional attitude and goes out of her way to make sure she understands the subject matter. She has completely impressed our daughter. Ms. Ellen has motivated her ,a Junior in High School, to get excited about complex topics such as AP Physics and Alegbra II. She even takes the time to stay late with her when she does not get it and encourages her to not give up. She really likes and respects her knowledge and caring approach to education. As her parents, we cant tell you how grateful we are to have Mr. Ellen as our daughters tutor would not want anyone else.

- Mikala Houston, TX on 11/9/2015

"Great results"

Our daughter made a 58 on her first College Algebra test. We hired Ellen to tutor her and her next test she made a 98 and her third test 100. The results speak for themselves.

- Caitlin Seabrook, TX on 11/5/2015

"Knows her stuff!"

I needed some help with more advanced probability concepts and she was able to help me sort out my questions! Very helpful and super nice!

- Maxine Houston, TX on 10/12/2015

"Great tutor!"

We worked on programming in MATLAB and Abstract Algebra. Wonderful tutor. Very perceptive and realizes when you don't understand something, even if you don't say anything. She also never makes you feel stupid or like you should know something already. I would highly recommend.

- Samuel Houston, TX on 10/1/2015

"Outstanding Tutor"

Ellen's instructions are clear and Jovonne is able to grasp and understand concepts and meanings. Because of Ellen, Jovonne got an A on her first AP Calculus test, and continues to make improvements with lessons taught by Ellen. I'll definitely continue seeking Ellen's services.

- Ivonne Baytown, TX on 9/21/2015

"Great Tutor"

Ellen is an excellent tutor. Last year she helped me with Algebra 2 and this year with Pre-Calc, she explains everything very well and makes you feel very comfortable. No question is a stupid question.

- Carol Houston, TX on 9/10/2015

"Very knowledgable on a wide range of higher level maths."

Ellen is able to further explain the lesson in a way my child understands. She enhances what was learned in class.

- Melissa Friendswood, TX on 8/30/2015

"Helpful and I ended up making a good grade in class!"

I was struggling with Calculus 3. I ended up making a high grade in a summer class thanks to her help. Thanks.

- Salam San Jose, CA on 7/13/2015


I was struggling with Integrals but Ellen simplified the subject so well I even understood where the actual integration by parts formula was derived. I'm definitely going back to Ellen for Calculus 3

- John Houston, TX on 7/7/2015

"Great help on both Pre-Calculus and Physics!"

At one point, my daughter was flunking both Pre-Cal and AP Physics. With Ellen's help, she passed both easily. She really enjoyed their sessions. We plan to start things right next year and use Ellen for Calculus too.

- Rhonda Houston, TX on 6/13/2015

"Great help for finals!"

This session was a big help in preparations for finals. It really made a difference!

- Harrison Houston, TX on 6/10/2015

"Great tutor"

I've never had to get a tutor for one of my children. They normally do great in school but my daughter has been struggling in Algebra II. Ellen has been so great with explaining the content to her and not just feeding her formulas. My daughter walks out feeling happy and excited that she "gets it!" I'm glad we made the choice to find a tutor and that we found Ellen!!

- Amanda Houston, TX on 2/7/2015

"Reliable, patient and effective"

Ellen has helped my daughter grow not only her math skills, but also her confidence. Her patient and competent approach has allowed my daughter to increase her independence and her grades. Very pleased.

- Julie Webster, TX on 12/16/2014

"Awesome Session"

Ellen was fantastic. She knew right away what my daughter needed and was able to zero in on each particular point that was a problem. My daughter felt so much more confident that she would be able to succeed on her test after meeting with Ellen. We will be calling her again!

- Catherine Houston, TX on 11/22/2014

"Very Patient, Wonderful Tutor"

Ellen was extremely patient and took great care to thoroughly explain needed concepts. My daughter absolutely loved working with her. After a single session, I can already see an increased understanding and confidence. I could not be happier. We are definitely planning follow up sessions with Ellen!

- Melissa League City, TX on 9/11/2014