Our Mission

We are SATisfACTion College Prep. We believe that adequate and affordable preparation for college can improve the lives of students everywhere. We are local educators with backgrounds in private tutoring and certified teaching, interested in combining our teaching knowledge and subject expertise to help students excel on their way into higher education.

We understand that everyone has to start somewhere and that figuring out your focus and topics of interest, and learning and stumbling and making and fixing mistakes are the only ways to grow, to excel.  We also know that the greatest journeys start with a single step, and a strong foundation of knowledge is vital for any endeavor.  We want to foster a safe and exciting place for people to explore and share that knowledge with each other.  

We believe that confidence is an important part of taking college entry tests, and that there is no better way to gain testing confidence than to study and learn in a way that makes students  feel comfortable understanding test material. Our varied backgrounds and experience in tutoring and teaching are what set us apart from our competition. We are accustomed to working face-to-face with students to pinpoint the areas in which they struggle.

SATisfACTion College Prep wants to assist in improving SAT/ACT scores statewide by beginning here, in our own community. There are currently no locally created, community based SAT/ACT prep courses in the area, and we offer a more personal experience rather than the one-size-fits-all “study tricks.” We keep our class sizes small so our students get more individual face-to-face instruction.

Our growing team of selected instructors is familiar with SAT and ACT preparation, as well as working with students individually to improve understanding and confidence. Our competitors are franchised, overpriced, and impersonal.  We offer better, more focused help for our students than other SAT and ACT preparation courses, at a price that beats all of the competition.