Our Mission


We are SATisfACTion College Prep.

We believe that you are capable, no matter what your goals, no matter who might have convinced you otherwise, (even if that was yourself). 

We believe you can get into any college you wish.

We believe you have the right to be excited to learn, and that if you have not been, ...this failure lies on the teacher, not on the student.

We specialize in catered and individualized learning approaches that highlight and call on your native talent, ...talent you might not even realize you possess.

We believe that everyone is different, but everyone has things they're passionate about, and there is often a lot more overlap between those things and things that show up on standardized tests than you might think.

We know what it takes to master college entrance exams, and we believe that you can, too, no matter your history.

We believe finding and tapping into each student's unique passions and learning style is always the key to success.



...Most importantly, we believe your talents are needed,

and feel it is our privilege to help you accomplish your dreams, no matter what they might be.

Excited to explore with you...