Initial Diagnostic Process


Everyone traces the same journey from A to B while mastering exams.  Different people have already reached different levels by the time they get to us, but no matter where you start in the process, we can typically help you improve your SAT score by hundreds of points, (6-8 points for ACT). 

However, where your score ultimately ends up is highly dependent on two factors.

  1.   Where you started.

  2.   How much work you are willing to put in along the way.


Because of this, it is virtually impossible to guarantee generic results without taking the individual into account.  (Trust us, we'd love to!!).

However, what we can do is give you a comprehensive picture of where you are starting, and what you will need to do to reach your goals. 

We know that $25,000 is a large investment to risk without any indication of what results you specifically might expect in return, so we have put together a $500 stand-alone initial diagnostic package (also included in full package) that will allow you to see upfront:

Percentiles Chart - John Doe.jpg
  • Your current test results.

  • What subjects/topics you most need to work on.

  • A study plan that will outline how much work you will need to do in order to achieve your goals.

This in-depth process entails a full-length practice exam, two hours one-on-one with expert tutors specifically trained to see exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie in both English and Math, (already beginning the teaching process), and a detailed report outlining a suggested schedule to maximize improvement in the time allotted, allowing you to self-study if desired.

We are so confident you will see the value in what we offer from just this process alone, that we are offering it for only a $500 deposit, applicable to the final cost of the full program.  If you wish, you can then take your diagnostic report and find other tutors to help you with those topics.  However, if you feel that we were able to help you more than you have been able to find elsewhere, you can apply the attached coupon code at checkout for the full program, immediately taking the same $500 off the final cost.  We will immediately dive in and get you an accountability coach and on the tutors' schedules long-term.


400-500 Points SAT.  6-8 Points ACT. 

$180k+ Scholarships Available.

$500 Initial Diagnostic Report.

Invest In Your Future Today.