ACT Now, Prepare for Your Future

The ACT test can seem intimidating. At Satisfaction College Prep, we want to help our students reach their ideal ACT score, and improve testing confidence. Enrollment is now open for our 6 weekend SAT course from February 27th to April 2nd. 

These lessons helped my daughter grow not only her math skills, but also her confidence. Their patient and competent approach has allowed my daughter to increase her independence... Very pleased.
— Julie F., Parent

Quality Instruction, Low Prices

Our prices beat all of the competition. We have no hidden fees. Other SAT/ACT courses start at $700, and offer fewer hours and less personal instruction. We keep classes small so that students get more face-to-face time with our instructors.  Custom lesson plans are crafted to specifically cater to each student's SAT/ACT study and improvement needs, based on their results on the diagnostic practice tests in the course.

With one-on one tutoring at a classroom price, we guarantee results!

The teacher was fantastic. She knew right away what my daughter needed and was able to zero in on each particular point that was a problem. My daughter felt so much more confident that she would be able to succeed on her test...!
— Catherine T., Parent

The New SAT is Almost Here!

A new SAT test will be effective by March 5th. Our 6 week SAT courses consist of a total of 24 hours of study, practice, and instruction--all specifically centered on the material of the new SAT test, and all on weekends.

About Our Instructors

Our SAT/ACT courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors who know all of the ins and outs of the college entrance exams.  Our instructors have solid backgrounds in tutoring--up to 20 years experience--and are well versed in working one-on-one with students to pinpoint any areas where they struggle with material. 

Ellen March

Math & Physics Instructor

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Meagan Bellinoski

English & Writing Instructor

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